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10 Best Fall Activities with Your Dog: [New]

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

10 best fall activities with your dog

Fall is one of the best seasons to bond with your dog because it has many holidays and

festivals. Moreover, the weather is ideal for going out with your pooch: hence, it gives more

time to develop an understanding and strong bond. If you’re looking for some activities to do with your dog during this time; then, have a look below as we have mentioned the 10 best fall activities with your dog.

What are the 10 best fall activities to enjoy with your dog?

Take a hike with your dog

1. Take a hike:

Fall is the ideal season for going on a hike with your canine friend because it’s neither too hot nor too cold to head out; thus, it's the best season for hiking. This exposure to nature will allow you and your pet to feel refreshed and good.

Allow yourself to immerse in the colors of fall and explore nature with your best friend. A hike is always good for the health and mind. In addition to this, it’s also a great exercise for your pet.

Experience a hayride with your pet dog

2. Experience a hayride:

Hayride is a must during the fall. I mean, who doesn’t want to experience this exceptionally

enjoyable recreational activity with their dog. Your furry pal will love the scenic view of the

farm and just give it an authentic outdoor experience with the cool breeze hitting its face.

However, before you take out your pet for a hayride on the farm, make sure it’s safe and pet-

friendly. Furthermore, don’t forget to put it on its leash and ensure your pooch behaves well.

Go apple picking with your dog

3. Go apple picking:

Apple picking is a standard fall recreational activity, and you can take your pet to join in this

too. Ready your canine friend and take it to a pet-friendly orchard with some friends. While you and your friends do apple picking, your dog can explore the orchard and enjoy a nice fall walk in a beautiful apple orchard.

Moreover, you can also use the apples you picked by making some delicious dog treats for your furry friend. Nevertheless, make sure you bring dog poop waste bags to pick after your pet.

Watch Halloween movie marathon with your pet dog

4. Halloween movie marathon:

Fall is the Halloween season, and hence a Halloween movie marathon is a must during this

holiday season. There are many Halloween classics that you can watch with your dog, and I am sure it’ll discover its favorite movies during this process.

This fall activity is ideal for you if you and your pet prefer to stay indoors more than going out on a hike or even trick or treating during Halloween.


Fall is considered one of the best holidays seasons in the year, and to make the most out; it is what everyone wants. Many pet owners wonder what kind of fall activities they can do with

their dogs, and this article essentially focuses on that. We bring you the 10 best fall activities

with your dog. There can be other activities too, but these are some you must try too.

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