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4 reasons why dog poop clean up is important

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Dog poop cleanup is often considered a conflicting duty for dog owners. Around 38% of dog owners don’t pick up their dog poop, according to LA Times. This shows that many people want to have a pet but do not want to take up its responsibility entirely. Plus, such behavior of dog owners affects the environment as well. Therefore, if you are a dog owner and you want to let this responsibility slide like that, then wait and read what this article has for you. It brings four reasons why dog poop clean up is significant. I am certain these reasons will be providing you with significant information which will change your mindset regarding dog poop cleanup. So, without further due, let’s get straight to that.

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1. Save your lawn's greenery and soil

We all know that the excretion of other animals like cattle acts as a fertilizer for the soil. But it’s the opposite with dog poop. This is because cows and other cattle feed mainly on plants. However, dogs, on the other hand, are carnivores, and most of their diet contains proteins. Hence, making their excreta unsuitable as a fertilizer because dog poop contains many microbes, pathogens, and excess acidic nutrients. Plus, due to the nitrogen present in dog poop, the grass turns yellow. Therefore, to protect your lawns soil from acidic nutrients and yellow grass, you must prioritize dog poop cleanup.

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2. To avoid water contamination

Any kind of animal excretion can contaminate water sources, and dog poop is no different. Hence, when you don’t pay attention to dog poop clean up and leave it like that, it contaminates the local water sources, rivers, lakes, and ponds after being washed away by rain. This leads to the excess growth of algae and weeds, which is unhealthy and prevents many human activities like swimming, boating, fishing, etc.

3. It is stated by the law to clean up dog poop

Many cities have laws related to dog poop, commonly known as pooper scooper laws. These laws specify regulations regarding dog poop cleanup, which is that every dog owner must clean or pick up their dog's excreta deposited at any public place. These places include neighbors backyards, parks, sidewalks, school property, other places other than dog owners' houses.

4. Dog poop clean up makes everyone’s life easy

Although, it may seem difficult to scoop up your dogs poop it is still the right thing to do, and it makes everyone’s life easy. By cleaning up your dog's poop, you won’t put your neighbors or, in general, anyone in a public place in a bad situation where they have to clean it or feel like stepping into it will result in bad luck. Moreover, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary fines and keep the stinking odor of dog poop away from your house. Last but not least, dog poop cleanup will save your pet from stool eating, which makes your dog more vulnerable to toxic microbes and parasites.


Certainly, dog poop is disgusting and stinky. You may not want to keep cleaning up or picking up your dog's waste. But it is essential to do so because if you dont clean it then, it’ll have much worse consequences than just being a disgusting and stinky pile in your backyard. Therefore, you must pay attention to dog poop clean up, and if it is too uncomfortable for you then, you can hire companies like Scoop Troop to help you.

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