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Tips to take care of your dog during the fall

Tips to take care of your dog during the fall - Wavetop

Fall season brings a wide variety of concerns to responsible dog parents. Bitter cold, numbing wetness or biting winds can cause discomfort for your furry child. Paying special attention to your four-legged pal's wellbeing during the fall season will ensure that you both enjoy the season to the fullest.

Keeping dogs comfortable during the fall

It’s wise to take a few precautions and protect your dogs during the cold months. Keep these

tips in mind and enjoy everything fall has to offer!

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Provide a warm, cozy place to sleep

Dogs deserve a safe and cozy spot to chill out. If you want to give your furry pal some dedicated space inside your house, an indoor dog bed can help. Give your dog the comfort, warmth, and luxury he deserves. - Annaartday

Get your dog a jacket or sweater

Dog breeds with thin fur can get cold quite easily. They can’t easily generate and retain enough body heat to keep themselves warm during the fall. These dogs may need a sweater or coat when outside during the winter.

Fall clothes should be comfortable and flexible. They should fit snugly without being tight. Fall clothes shouldn't be so long and must not create bathroom problems. - Nataba

Protect your dog's paws

Dog boots are not just for looks, they provide the ultimate protection from the environment.

These booties will provide the extra protection they need to protect their sensitive pads. They will help your dog retain body heat, prevent injury, and protect dog paws in the snow.

Your dog may not like wearing boots in the beginning. However, you can train your fur buddy to love wearing their booties! Just take a gradual approach and give lots of praises and treats for wearing booties. - Таисья Корчак

Protect against hypothermia

Small dogs can't regulate their body temperature and are prone to suffer from hypothermia.

These dogs are sensitive to drops in temperature, especially when left in cold weather.

Dogs are at risk of hypothermia if left in cold for extended periods. As hypothermia worsens,

dogs become unresponsive and their breathing and heart rate slow. - yellowsarah

Protect your dogs from heaters

Dogs will often seek heat during the fall by snuggling too close to heaters and fireplaces.

Beware of heaters and fireplaces both inside and outside your home. Never leave a heater or a fire burning unattended with a dog nearby. Always use a safety screen to keep your dog safe from flames and embers. - damedeeso

Limit time outdoors

No dog is meant to spend huge amounts of time outside in the winter. Your dog may love to

spend time outdoors but in the fall, even the furriest dog can get cold. Dogs should avoid

spending hours outdoors when the temperature drops. Ears, nose, paws and tails are all

susceptible to frostbite.

Know your dog's limits

Some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others. Toy breeds, puppies, sick dogs, and senior dogs get cold more quickly. If your dog enjoys being outdoors and you will be outside longer than a few minutes, consider outfitting it with a sweater or winter coat to keep it warm.

Don't leave your dog alone in the car

You already know not to leave your dog in a vehicle when it's hot. The same goes for cold weather as well. Only take your four-legged pals in the car if it is necessary, and never leave them unattended. Even if it's not a direct health risk for dogs, they are likely to be


Wrapping up

With sufficient care and maintaining good hygiene, your fur buddy will know years and years of happy romping! Remember that fall cuddles with your dog are a great way for everybody to keep warm!

Keep enjoying the fall adventures with your four-legged friends!

If you still have questions about keeping dogs comfortable during the fall, please let us know!

We would be happy to hear from you.

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