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6 best ways to dog poop pick up: [Latest Guide]

6 best ways to dog poop pickup

The population of dogs was accounted for around 89.7 million in the U.S in 2017 alone. This

means that recently it would have further increased. Hence, this fact indicates that there are

numerous furry pals in American households, which means almost most of the people have to deal with the duty of dog poop pick up.

Therefore, we decided to curate a guide that enlists the 6 best ways to dog poop pick up. Let’s have a look at what these ways are.

Use plastic bags to pick up dog poop

1. Utilize plastic bags

Plastic bags are the most widely used product for dog poop pick up. These are also the most

readily available tool for cleaning up dog waste. All you have to do is take a plastic bag, invert it on your hand, and then pick up the deposited poop.

After this, simply tie the bag and throw it in the bin. The good thing about plastic bags is that they are portable and easily accessible. However, it may not be the best way for dog poop pick up as it’ll sit in the plastic for years.

Pooper scooper tool

2. Pooper Scooper Tool

If you don’t want to get near the dog's poop or perhaps you’re having a problem with bending then, you can utilize the pooper scooper tool. You can purchase this tool from any pet store as it is readily available in several pet stores.

To use the tool, you need to squash the handles and scoop up your dog poop. After that, you can easily put it in the appropriate place. However, this tool is not as portable as a plastic bag, but yes, it does provide you a contactless dog poop pick-up way.

Flush dog poop

3. Flush the dog poop

Training your dog to poop in the washroom is also a good idea because, after that, you can

simply flush the poop into the toilet. However, do check your local laws and regulations

regarding this because many areas and cities ban flushing dog waste. Nonetheless, this is by far the easiest and clean method to deposit pet waste.

Bury dog's poop

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4. Burying your pooch's poop

Another way to pick up the poop of your dog is to scoop with a shovel and then bury in the yard and hide it away. However, you must keep one thing about this method in mind that burying dog poop in the soil can exhaust it. This happens because a dog's diet consists of acidic nutrients. Plus, the presence of nitrogen in the diet makes the grass yellowish.

Compost dog's waste

5. Compost your dog's waste

If you have enough space in your backyard then, you can purchase a compost bin to dump your dog's poop. This compost bin will act like the pooch's septic tank and help in breaking down dog waste easily. The compost bins help in preventing pollution and the spread of germs too. Nevertheless, you must know that these bins are costly and require some space to be set up.

Hire dog pooper scooper expert

6. Hire an expert

Last but not least, if you don’t want to pick up your dog's poop yourself using any of the above-mentioned methods. Then there is another dog poop pickup way as well. You can hire a dog waste management firm to do the job. One of the best service providers in Houston is You can check for other specialists in your city too.


Dog poop pick up has many ways, and in this article, we have enlisted six best ways to dog poop cleanup. All of these ways are distinct from each other, and so they can fit the preferences of the different dog owners. Certainly, the article will turn out to be a helpful piece of content for every dog owner looking for ways to pick up dog poop.

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